Excursion by car to Babiy Yar

Экскурсия на авто в Бабий Яр

September 2011 is a date that symbolizes 70 years since the beginning of the most terrible tragedy in Ukraine. This concerns the destruction of Kiev, which took place in Babiy Yar.

In this tragedy, the Hitler authorities, who occupied the cities are directly involved. According to the order, all Jews residing on the territory of Kiev and in its environs were to appear to the government in 1941. If suddenly a person refused to comply with this order, he was threatened to be shot on the square.

German documents provide us with very sad and alarming statistics. According to the invaders, more than 30,000 people were shot in Babiy Yar in just a few days. But in this tragedy not only Jews were injured. The Germans shot Ukrainians, Gypsies, and people who belonged to other nationalities. This stirred up the history of Ukraine, since such a large-scale and brutal massacre of people has never happened.

Our guide will tell you what stories are associated with this terrible terrain. He will tell you how Kiev was temporarily occupied by the fascists. Also, you will learn about executions and other facts from history that relate to those tragic years. Perhaps, you will discover new information, because in textbooks and books many moments are hidden.

In our company there are cars with different number of seats. You can get to экскурсия в Бабий Яр alone or in the company of your friends. All cars are distinguished by comfortable lounges, which will make your trip not so tedious. Experienced drivers of our company have all the necessary driving skills, so emergency situations are excluded. The guide will tell you a lot of details from the history of Babiy Yar, undoubtedly you will return home with new emotions and impressions!

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