Excursion by car to Kiev -Pechersk Lavra

Киево-Печерская Лавра

You visited Kiev, but have not seen Kiev –Pechersk Lavra? So you have not seen the city, because it is it’s the main symbol.

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The name of this place means “caves”, because they are located on the territory of this area. The monastery was named Laurel, which was given only to significant and important structures of that time.

Anthony and Theodosius are the founders of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Antony lived in a cave, which, as was believed at that time, was created by the Varangians. The main task of Theodosius was the organization of monks’ life.

In 1240 there was an invasion of the Mongol-Tatar horde. As a result, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was looted. Almost all the monks died, but some of them miraculously managed to survive. As a result, the monastery became the spiritual and educational center of Russia. In 1688 he was granted the status of the Lavra.

Many Russian princes visited this place. They sought enlightenment and got rid of their sins. Alexey Mikhailovich, Anna Ioannovna, Elizabeth – this is not a complete list of famous personalities. In 1911, Peter Stolypin was buried in the monastery, which was considered an outstanding statesman of the then Empire.

In 1941 the monastery was blown up, which brought incredible damage to its architecture and basic historical values. The Lavra was restored only in 2000.

Nowadays the monastery is divided into two parts – the Upper and Lower Lavra. A экскурсия в Киево-Печерскую Лавру will give you the opportunity to explore mysterious caves, visit museums, visit exhibitions and much more. Historical values ​​that relate to the times of Kievan Rus can be seen in the museum of jewelry.

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