Excursion by car to ST. Sophia`s Cathedral

The Sophia Cathedral is the heart of the capital of Ukraine. From this sights wit wisdom of long ago.

The temple was built by Yaroslav the Wise, and the building itself became a symbol of victory over the Polovtsians. This significant event happened in 1036. The cathedral impresses with its splendor and presentability. Inside, there are original frescoes, as well as various mosaics. You can see the mosaic of Our Lady of Oranta, which is known to every person.

It was here that the school was built, which became the first institution for teaching children in the territory of Russia. Also in Sofia Kiev there was a library, assembled by Yaroslav the Wise.

The history of the church began many centuries ago. During this time, the majestic structure survived fires as well as looting. In a certain period the building was desolated and almost completely destroyed. But in the 17th century, it was decided to restore St. Sophia of Kiev. It was from this period that its revival began.

People built a huge bell tower, as well as an entrance tower. There was built a Metropolitan house and a luxurious refectory. Thousands of tourists had time to appreciate the beauty of Sophia of Kiev, because it is really remembered for a long time. This is the favorite place of the indigenous inhabitants of the capital of Ukraine. Relatively recently, the temple was added to the UNESCO list, because he deserved such a position.

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