Driver service in Kiev


In Europe and abroad, the driver-personal driver service to the rental car has long become commonplace. More than 90% of the inhabitants of foreign countries at least once in her life they used.

In Ukraine, it appeared relatively recently, but it is also gaining popularity. But why book a car for a rental and then with a driver, can I just order a taxi? Yes, of course you can, but not the fact that it will be easier and cheaper.

The driver service gives several significant advantages that significantly benefit from the usual car rental or the same taxi order.

Consider some of these:

  • City knowledge .
    Significant superiority over the usual hire, this knowledge of streets and points of the city, which significantly reduces the time of arrival to the designated place. Yes, you most likely have a GPS-navigator or a regular map, but in an unfamiliar city you do not know all the streets and their subtleties. For example, the navigator shows you one road through the center, which according to him will take an hour, and the driver will bring you to the place in 40 minutes, plus he can know that at this time in the center you will not pass, because there are big traffic jams.
  • Return of the car intact.
    Another advantage of the driver is the removal from you of responsibility for the car itself. Every time you rent a car, there is a possibility that you can not return it as a new one. And so you take off your excess weight and stress for a breakdown.
  • Responsibility.
    Ordering the same taxi, you can not be sure of the full serviceability of the car or the adequacy of the taxi driver. For example, there is no guarantee that he will come, say, completely sober. Transport companies always take care of their image, basically even in the signing of the contract there is a fad that the driver will be completely adequate. So in case you are able to
  • Comfortable delivery to your destination.
    Also, the presence of the driver frees you from the obligation, as it’s not trivial, to sit behind the wheel and watch the road. This will give you the opportunity to reread the report or the meeting plan if you came for business purposes or quietly and without effort to admire the view that surrounds you.

Summing up, we see that the driver service is very convenient and there are enough advantages that give it such popularity abroad.

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