Industrial relocation: how to organize?

Industrial relocation is a set of measures for the transportation of industrial equipment warehouses, enterprises, factories, workshops, etc. It includes the dismantling and installation, rigging, unloading and loading work.

At first glance, the task seems difficult and impossible, especially when it comes to large-scale production. It is necessary as quickly as possible to minimize the equipment in the old place and place it on the new one. And the equipment is almost always heavy, large, oversized and expensive.

To perform an industrial move by analogy with the apartment will not work. In this case, we need not just movers, but professionals of the business and special equipment.

Stages of industrial relocation

  1. At the preliminary stage, the total scope of work is estimated and a plan and estimate of upcoming events is drawn up. In each case, the work plan and costs are determined individually. The logistics, the sequence of work execution are coordinated with the customer. So the client will clearly understand what he pays for.
  2. Next, the equipment is dismantled. For the most part, it is dimensional and for transportation it is necessary to disassemble it into its component parts. If possible, its component parts should not exceed the permissible dimensions for transportation equipment. But oversized cargo is also transported using special techniques and equipment. Dismantled and disassembled equipment is packaged in modern materials, taking into account the design features, is marked. Customers sometimes perform this stage on their own, but this is not always advisable.
  3. Before you take the packaged objects out of the room, you must perform work to protect the stairs, windows, walls and doors of the building from possible mechanical damage.
  4. Moving is carried out in vans, containers, etc., depending on the type and characteristics of the goods. Rigging works are carried out with the help of special equipment.
  5. Equipment is unloaded in a new place, it is unpacked, assembled, installed in its place, debugging, cleaning and removal of used packaging.

Equipment for industrial relocation

Our experts in the field of industrial relocation services use this technique:

  • manual and electric winches for moving heavy loads over fairly long distances;
  • tackle – facilitates the loading process and helps maintain cargo integrity;
  • rigging systems – used to transport very heavy loads;
  • hydraulic equipment – for sliding horizontally;
  • hydraulic ram – used for lifting large and heavy loads.

As well as reliable transport, through which the production will be transported safe and sound, just in time!

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