Interton interpreter services

When you visit another country without knowing the language spoken by the locals, in most cases it is difficult to find your bearings.
Interton offers, in addition to airport transfers, rental and sightseeing tours around the city, interpreter services for emergency and complex situations .
Situations in life happen different.

For example, you were supposed to come on a business trip with an interpreter, and he became very ill or the hotel in which you are going to live does not have a native speaker, and so you do not need to communicate with him “on your fingers” as an interpreter is needed. Our company will provide you with such.

The cost of this service is calculated individually for each.

The calculation is based on these parameters:

  • the language from which to translate;
  • topic of translation;
  • translator class
  • the number of hours worked.

Booking a transfer in our company, you will not only comfortably travel to the designated place, but also be able to order additional interpreter services.

This will allow you to save time and spend it on more important and interesting things.

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