Meeting of delegations – which car to choose?

Receiving guests is not an easy task, requiring compliance with etiquette and certain knowledge. Especially if they are serious business people, potential business partners, foreign delegations. The goals of their visit can be different – establishing contacts, negotiations, signing important documents, organizing joint events. Very much always depends on how exactly the reception will be.

The first thing to choose for a delegation meeting is the car on which it will be met. Beautiful and expensive car is an indicator of consistency, status, serious approach. But not everyone, even the most successful enterprise or company, boasts its own fleet with cars for all occasions. Keep it unprofitable and impractical. Always a great way out – rent a vehicle to meet the delegation.

How to choose a car to meet the delegation?

First of all, of course, the choice will depend on the number of delegates. For 1-3 people suitable car. For example, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda Super, Peugeot, Skoda Octavia, Opel Astra. All of them are represented in our fleet.

For 5-8 delegates, you can stop at the minivans Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter Kombi. They are roomy and comfortable. If the number of people is 8-19, then we recommend minibuses, for example – Volkswagen Crafter Hannover.

But it is not only the number of your delegation that should proceed. The important point is whether the visit will be official or working. Even with the number of people over 5, you can choose not one big and roomy car, but several cars. It is more status and respectful to your guests. Investors and business partners will certainly appreciate this moment.

All cars are modern, equipped with comfortable lounges, climate systems. They pass technical inspection in a timely manner, are in perfect condition, well-groomed and clean. And drivers are professionals of their work, polite, attentive, disciplined and punctual. They will be instructed in advance in the order of work during the meeting and reception of the delegation.

So, the level of the meeting and the choice of car model, have a direct impact on the formation of loyalty to your company. Be sure to consider this and take care in advance about renting a vehicle for guests.

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