The safest cars in the world

Car security – a key factor in consumer choice. Each manufacturer makes every effort to meet its criteria. For evaluation and conclusions, there are special independent organizations. The authority in the world is enjoyed by EuroNCAP and IIHS. Their approach is somewhat different, so the final ratings differ.

Car safety factors

Here are the most important factors for assessing the safety of a car:

  • Class weight. High-end and heavy cars are safer. In powerful cars, fastened passengers experience relatively lesser loads on impact. Therefore, SUVs definitely win.
  • Design features. The bodies of modern cars are equipped with special power elements, so that at the moment of danger they can extinguish the force and energy of an impact. The frame of the cabin is also made of high strength materials. Its elements even with overloads retain their shape and living space for the passengers inside.
  • Chassis design. Properly designed chassis allows you to slow down the car and stabilize it at the right time. Should be taken into account all the little things and every element.
  • Additional options. These are dynamics control systems, good light, electric heating of glasses, mirrors, video review system, monitoring, etc.

The main tests that pass cars: frontal impact, when the car is accelerated to a certain speed and hit the surface of aluminum; side, whip blows; child safety check; pedestrian protection.

Cars are always checked only as standard. The presence of the manufacturer of additional solutions to improve the level of security is not taken into account.

Safe car rating

Annually published ratings of the safest cars in the world, according to tests and studies.

Excellent results in 2018 showed sedan Toyota Camry. He earned maximum points in all collisions, with the exception of a partial overlap. Pedestrian safety is also quite high.

Volkswagen cars almost every year are in high positions in the safety rating. The Volkswagen Passat received the highest rating for passenger safety and top marks in shock tests and coup tests.

The winner among the executive class car became Arteon from Volkswagen. In the category of large SUVs – Volvo XC60, compact SUVs – T-Roc from Volkswagen, small cars – Polo also from Volkswagen.

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