Types and benefits of transfer

vip transfer

To get to the hotel in a foreign city, people often book a taxi. But what if there is no time to wait for the car? Are there ways to avoid delays and other force majeure? The transfer service will allow you to arrive on time in the right place without encountering problems.

Types of tourist transfer

Such services are divided into several main types. Each species has its own peculiarities and advantages.

Group transfer

The car will meet the tourists and take them to the right place. Usually minibuses and buses are used for such purposes. It is not necessary that the group be organized, because the transfer is also offered for strangers who need to get into one hotel. Travelers who purchase a tourist package in organizations, most often order this service.

Individual transfer

The service is ordered in a specialized company that handles passengers. The class of the selected car directly affects the final cost of the service. This type of transfer is in demand among people who are accustomed to travel without applying to agencies.

VIP transfer

Here the transfer is accompanied by additional services, for which you will have to pay a lot. It can be champagne in the cabin, fresh flowers, the best brands of cars and so on.
Each person can choose the type of transfer that suits him, focusing on his wishes and the size of the wallet. The main thing is that you take into account your needs, so as not to make a mistake.

What are the advantages of the transfer?

Some people think that it is much more convenient to take a taxi than order a transfer service. But this is a big mistake, because these options have a lot of strengths:

  • the car will wait for you at the right place at the specified time, so you will be able to avoid delays and other unpleasant situations;
  • you can pick up that brand of the car that you like, because in the fleets companies have a large assortment of models
  • With the help of the transfer, you can always and always keep up, as drivers carefully design the travel route individually
  • Qualified drivers are sitting behind the wheel of the car who will not allow an emergency.

Order a transfer in trusted companies, guaranteeing a high level of service quality. You will be satisfied with the services that will be provided to you!

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