Meeting of foreign delegations

Встреча иностранных делегаций в аэропорту с сопровождением

For the reception of foreign guests, it is important to really prepare well and think through every detail. The first impression is of great importance for the formation of a common opinion. Therefore, it is very important what the meeting and support of delegations will be. You can entrust this responsible task to us and we will help to organize everything in the best possible way. A thoughtful meeting plan will help create the necessary impression and approval of partners.


We provide services to meet guests at the airport. You can book a meeting with an accompanying person or an independent one with subsequent support. Boryspil, Zhulyany or another airport – we will meet the delegation and deliver to Kiev or another point in Ukraine at the right address.

The meeting can be ordered at any time of the day, depending on the need. Car rental, driver services and other staff are paid by the hour and depends on the classification of the order itself (car type, qualification of the translator, etc.).

In our fleet there are cars for an individual meeting of 1-4 guests:

  • Mercedes-Benz S420
  • Skoda SuperB
  • Peugeot 407
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Opel Astra

As well as options for groups of up to 8 people:

  • Ford Transit
  • Volkswagen Transporter Kombi

If you expect a large delegation of up to 19 people, we can provide a minibus Volkswagen Crafter Hannover. All cars are distinguished by increased comfort, accurate navigation and climate control.


Reception is necessary with the participation of an interpreter. If many people speak English now, other languages ​​may cause some difficulty in finding a qualified specialist. We provide translation services for various events, including meetings.

The work of the translator is paid based on time (hourly), qualifications, the language itself and the subject matter of the translation. He knows not just the prepared phrases, but is guided by the situation and helps to accurately convey the essence. This will help to better understand the partners and quickly come to a common denominator.


It is often necessary to escort foreign delegations to different points of the city. We also provide such services. Our drivers will build the most accurate route that will help you quickly and safely get to your destination, bypassing traffic jams. You can additionally order the services of a tour guide who will tell you about the sights of the city on the way.

All services are aimed at creating maximum comfort for you and your guests to create the most positive impression.

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