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Школьные экскурсии по Украине

One of the obligatory activities that the class should conduct jointly is школьные экскурсии around Kiev or even outside of it. Such events not only broaden the horizons of children, but also make the team more cohesive. Moreover, Kiev has something to show – museums, historical sites, monuments, cathedrals and much more. Do not forget about the sights of the country, which is better to get all together.

If you are going to lead the entire school class, the best option is to book a bus service. So all the children will be together and it will be easier to keep track of order. In addition, we provide comfortable transport with increased security. The children will be comfortable and relaxed, which means they will be able to focus more on the new information, and not on eliminating the discomfort. You yourself can make a program of the event. You can combine several places or focus on one. We will help you to make the most interesting list, and also we will lay a quick and safe route on it. Our drivers can easily find where a traffic jam can be and help to avoid such inconveniences even in large vehicles.

What school excursions Kiev can provide:

  • Objects of culture (many monuments and cultural buildings);
  • Museums (more than a hundred museums that may be of interest to children and adults);
  • Sports routes (especially relevant for sports schools or sections);
  • Nature (group departure to beautiful natural places);
  • Historical monuments (will help to consolidate the lessons);
  • Religious buildings (cathedrals, temples, monasteries and much more).

There are particularly interesting school trips, reviews of which you can find on various sites. Mezhigorye enjoys popularity, where children can take a walk in a beautiful park, visit the zoo and there are still many places that will interest not only children, but also adults. The open-air park Pirogovo is famous for its authentic houses, which will help to better get acquainted with the country’s historical heritage.

Excursions for schoolchildren in Ukraine

But you should not be limited to the capital. There are also school trips around Ukraine: Sofiyivka, Alexandria, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and other interesting places will surely please the children. A beautiful trip to Lviv will give you a lot of pleasant impressions and will leave no less vivid memories that will stay with them forever. Such activities will help to better understand the school curriculum, the historical evidence of which they will see live. It will also help them see the world more broadly. Let the learning process be as efficient, interesting and enjoyable.

Non-resident delegations can also book a tour service. We will provide transportation and advice regarding interesting attractions that are worth visiting. Get to know the historical heritage of the capital and the country as a whole easily and comfortably.

You can book a bus for a school trip from us. We provide reliable and comfortable transportation with child care. For great excursions in our fleet there is a Volkswagen Crafter Hannover bus that easily accommodates up to 19 people.

Ford Transit or Volkswagen Transporter Kombi. Such cars can accommodate a group of 5 to 8 people. If necessary, you can take several cars at once.

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We will advise and help you choose the most interesting option for children’s leisure.

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